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Caramel Espresso Mochi Cookie 特濃咖啡焦糖醬麻糬厚曲奇

Caramel Espresso Mochi Cookie 特濃咖啡焦糖醬麻糬厚曲奇

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外層先用Lotus Biscoff 餅乾碎混合UCC 特濃咖啡,整個外層香氣芬芳濃郁,口感厚實。當咖啡濃厚口感佔據成個口腔時,遇上中間甜蜜焦糖,令整個曲奇驚喜所在。含有皇牌全人手打造軟綿拉絲麻糬,加上Lotus Biscoff 焦糖醬作流心餡料整個咖啡香氣爆發出來,合共五重口感享受,絕對誠意之作。

配上Lotus Biscoff 焦糖醬

▫️低糖低油配方 零負擔


Caramel Espresso Mochi Cookie

The popular UCC espresso coffee is famous because of its rich fragrant aroma and strong taste. Mix in with Lotus Biscoff biscuits; the iconic sweet caramel flavour taste, this duo when meshing together gives you this new yet familiar experience. The center is filled with our handcrafted soft brushed Mochi and the rare Lotus Biscoff crunchy caramel. Mixing it all together just enhances the texture, the layering, the cookie itself to an whole new level.

-UCC espresso coffee
-Lotus Biscoff biscuits & crunchy caramel
-Silky smooth Mochi

:Cookie is freshly made and baked.
:No added preservatives, swelling agent or other additives.
:Used korean flour, japanese matcha flour
:Hand made milked mochi
:Low sugar and oil formula ~ less is good

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