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Double Dark Chocolate Mochi Cookie 雙重黑朱古力流心麻糬厚曲奇

Double Dark Chocolate Mochi Cookie 雙重黑朱古力流心麻糬厚曲奇

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曲奇採用兩種不同濃度黑朱古力,明顯分別到黑朱古力層次。曲奇外層採用法國Valrhona 62%黑朱古力,中間加上手工麻糬加強口感,搭配Valrhona 70% 黑朱古力流心作為餡料,雙重濃厚朱古力味令人回味無窮,必定會為您帶來視覺及味覺享受。


▫️採用韓國麵粉、70% & 62%濃度朱古力
▫️低糖低油配方 零負擔

Double Dark Chocolate Mochi Cookie
The cookie is infused with 2 different concentrations levels of dark chocolate and wrap with our handcrafted mochi to enhance the taste.
The outer layer of the cookie is made from Valrhona 62% dark chocolate from France, with the interior fill with our silky smooth Mochi and the extra layer of hot melting Valrhona 70% dark chocolate. The double dark chocolate flows with its strong cocoa taste making each bite unforgettable.
-Crispy Cocoa layer
-strong rich Chocolate Flavour
-Silky smooth milky Mochi

:Cookie is freshly made and baked.
:No added preservatives, swelling agent or other additives.
:Used korean flour, 70% dark chocolate
:Hand made milked mochi
:Low sugar and oil formula ~ less is good
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