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Pure Matcha Mochi Cookie 抹茶流心麻糬厚曲奇

Pure Matcha Mochi Cookie 抹茶流心麻糬厚曲奇

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▫️低糖低油配方 零負擔



Pure Matcha Mochi Cookie 


We use pure 100% Japanese matcha powder to craft our outer layer and the inner filling. The natural pleasant taste from the fine matcha powder mix in with a touch of sweetness and hearty taste from our handcrafted soft silky mochi. Brings a soft and glutinous taste to the crispy cookie as a whole.

-Rich Matcha Flavour fragrance
-matcha inner filling paste
-Silky smooth Mochi

:Cookie is freshly made and baked.
:No added preservatives, swelling agent or other additives.
:Used korean flour, japanese matcha flour
:Hand made milked mochi
:Low sugar and oil formula ~ less is good

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