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Rich Hojicha Mochi Cookies 焙茶流心麻糬厚曲奇

Rich Hojicha Mochi Cookies 焙茶流心麻糬厚曲奇

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▫️低糖低油配方 零負擔



Rich Hojicha Mochi Cookies 

100% Japanese hojicha powder is use to create the outer layer and the hot filling interior. Hojicha has an prominent aroma which is underrated but matching up with our handcrafted milky mochi, the two mix together brings a soft and glutinous texture to the crispy cookies and rich nutty undertone with roasted chocolatey flavour.

-special hojicha taste 
-hojicha inner filling paste
-Silky smooth Mochi

:Cookie is freshly made and baked.
:No added preservatives, swelling agent or other additives.
:Used korean flour, japanese matcha flour
:Hand made milked mochi
:Low sugar and oil formula ~ less is good

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